Are you feeling stuck? Frustrated? Hopeless in your marriage?

Tired of the same arguments? Do you want the strife to go away? Maybe you’re feeling lonely and married? Or perhaps your marriage is okay, but you’d like it to be more fulfilling?  

Sometimes a woman (or a couple) just need some biblical guidance tailored specifically to their marital issues. I can help guide you along so you’ll have direction for a loving and lasting marriage!


We get countless emails from people asking us to help them in their marriage and now we’ve answered that call through Marriage Coaching!

Some couples just need a few tweaks to what they are already doing, and others may need a complete remodel to some bad patterns that are killing their relationship. Other couples are hanging on by a thread while some couples stay in a loveless marriage but they long for more.

No matter where you’re at, we can help. We’re committed to giving you guidance to strengthen and transform your marriage all from a biblical perspective.


One of my favorite things to do is to sit down and talk with a woman about her life, her heart, and her relationship with those that matter most to her.

My heart beats fast for discipling another sister in Christ. To give her biblical direction, to encourage her, and equip her in her journey.

I coach women from a biblical perspective giving you real-life tools and strategies to help you build a Christ-centered marriage.

Join me. I have a chair waiting for you!

Coaching can help you get unstuck so your marriage can thrive!

Pricing Options

Woman to Woman


One, 45-minute session with Jolene Engle. (Women only.)


Woman to Woman- 4 Sessions


Four, 45-minute sessions with Jolene Engle. (Women only.)


Get the confidence and clarity you need to strengthen your marriage!

"I am a Certified Christian Life Coach and I have a Masters Degree in Counseling and I use Jolene's teachings with my own clients."


"This was timely coaching for me. A few days ago I was facing the lowest point in our marriage. I felt like giving up and leaving him behind but I had second thoughts because of our 2 children. But due to the pain and feeling like a neglected wife, I wanted to run away from my husband but God has led me to you, Jolene, and now I realize what was really lacking in our marriage. I am truly blessed and always excited about the upcoming coaching sessions from you."


"I want to sincerely thank you for helping to change the dynamics of my marriage! My husband and I still have a very long road ahead of us but at least now we can walk it together holding hands and with our focus on the Lord first. You have taught me that! Every time I get frustrated I think of a conversation that you and I had along with some laughs as well and I bring my focus back to the Lord first (and run to the bible), then waters calm and my husband and I are able to open the doors (even if just a crack at times) to communicate which was our biggest challenge! You have taught me not to push him... to allow him to trust in me and to be the "gal" as you would say that he needs!!!! And in turn he really has become the husband that I need as well!! I am thankful God gave you the words that I needed to hear and so thankful for our Monday night chats, that I really miss!!! I think my husband misses them too!!! LOL I hope and pray that your ministry will continue flourish and you are able to help and touch many marriages like you did ours!!! Lots of love!"


"I wanted to thank you for your hard work in sharing your experiences and biblical understanding about marriage. I already identify with the things you are saying in your training sessions. I have been married for 6 years and my husband and I are trying to have children but are facing difficulties. I have been trying so hard to handle my physical problems but I now realize how much I need to work on our marriage. Thank you for providing me with the answers I have been searching for and not finding when speaking with friends or family. "


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