Jolene Engle

A suite of Christ-centered courses, conferences, and resources to equip you as a woman and wife.


Christian Wife University Online Discipleship & Mentoring

Do You Want a Better Marriage? Are you in need of marital wisdom, a fresh perspective, or some biblical and practica...

$39.99 USD

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10 Habits of a Godly Wife

Whether you’ve been married as little as 4 months or as long as 40 years, I believe the wifehood habits I&rsquo...

$6.99 USD

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Wives of the Bible eBook

Thought your marriage was going to be a fairy tale forever but the trials, heartache, and mundane have quenched the f...

$8.99 USD

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Wisdom for Wives Conference

The Wisdom for Wives On-line Conference is comprised of 14 Biblically-based videos covering various topics from vario...

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Communication in Marriage

Tired of the arguments? In this on-line workshop, you'll learn: The 4 Different Types of Communication (and which ...

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Makeover Your Marriage

For most married couples, falling in love and saying "I do" was the easy part. Yet, living our happily ever after is ...

$97.00 USD

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Wives of the Bible Videos for Group Use

Short video teachings on all 25 wives. (This is a digital product.)

$39.99 USD

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5 Days to a Better Marriage

A 5-day course on how to cultivate a better marriage.

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Topics Covered Here to Help You Grow in Biblical Womanhood & Wifehood

A Transformed Life

As Christian women, we need to be inspired by the Holy Spirit so we can walk in the Spirit instead of our flesh. Growing deeper with Christ is what's needed to live an empowering and inspired life.


Navigating the waters of man talk can be quite tricky. Learn how to have some smooth sailing conversations in your marriage.

Sexual Intimacy

Learn how to deepen your sexual intimacy with your husband. Increase your knowledge in the marriage bed and create marital unity with your husband.

Do You Feel Hurt and Unloved?

Discover how to draw strength from the Scriptures so you feel valued and esteemed as a woman.

A Christ-centered Home

A transformed heart will transform the home. Go deeper into spiritual truths so the One True God can transform your soul.

Your Needs & His Needs

Learn how to connect further with your husband so you can have the type of marriage that God intended.