Christian Wife University Online Discipleship & Mentoring

Do You Want a Better Marriage? Are you in need of marital wisdom, a fresh perspective, or some biblical and practica...

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Makeover Your Marriage

For most married couples, falling in love and saying "I do" was the easy part. Yet, living our happily ever after is ...

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Communication in Marriage

Tired of the arguments? In this on-line workshop, you'll learn: The 4 Different Types of Communication (and which ...

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5 Days to a Better Marriage

A 5-day course on how to cultivate a better marriage.

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Wisdom for Wives Conference

The Wisdom for Wives On-line Conference is comprised of 14 Biblically-based videos covering various topics from vario...

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Wives of the Bible eBook

Thought your marriage was going to be a fairy tale forever but the trials, heartache, and mundane have quenched the f...

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Wives of the Bible Videos for Group Use

Short video teachings on all 25 wives. (This is a digital product.)

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10 Habits of a Godly Wife

Whether you’ve been married as little as 4 months or as long as 40 years, I believe the wifehood habits I’m sharing w...

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