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Hey friend, I want to share something very sad.  When I sit with married couples there are two very distinct groups I deal with. 

The first group is the very excited engaged couples who can’t wait to get married, and that’s not sad.  But the other group are the couples that are living in a disappointed marriage or they're on the brink of divorce.  That’s it, the excited and the broken. The couples living in the middle need to take stock of their relationship and work on it so it doesn't become broken. 

What happened to these couples that are on the brink of divorce?  Why did they wait so long to get help?  The sad truth is that most wives spend their time and money on starbucks and their kids and very little on their marriage.  Is that you? I hope not, but whether it is or not, in a minute I will share some great news with you.

But first I want to tell you, I have a great marriage, one I never thought would be possible! It’s not because I have a great husband… although, I do think he is great, but he has the same downfalls as yours.  It’s not because I am a great gal, either.  It’s because I have learned some very important biblical truths that have allowed me to unlock the doors to the type of marriage that God intended. And I want to share these truths with you. 

  • I have learned how to make my husband a better man than he is. 
  • I have learned how to inspire him to be the spiritual leader of the home when naturally he might not be. 
  • I have learned how to communicate with him in a way that he understands.
  • I have learned how to get him to hear me without nagging.
  • I have learned how to bring him close to me and have him as my best friend.

You can learn these relational skills as well because I have put all of this biblical wisdom into my digital library of Christian Wife University. 

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""For many years, I studied the Bible and knew what God said about marriage, and how a wife should act toward her husband. What I was lacking were the tools to actually live those words out in my marriage. Not only do my husband and I get along better than we ever have before, all areas of my life have been lifted up as well. Thank you, Jolene from the bottom of my heart for being the vessel the Lord uses to help biblical wives be the women God intended for us to be." "


" I was battling with a very strong desire to divorce my husband. Jolene's straight forward Biblical based approach provided me with the basic, but essential tools I needed to be a Godly wife. Using the Word of God Jolene taught me that I did not just have to survive my marriage. I had a choice and that was to stay and be miserable or to obey God and have a great marriage.The Lord has definitely used Jolene to minister to me and for that I am eternally grateful."


"All of my marital struggles have caused me to become overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness. The main thing I really appreciate is the fact that everything Jolene shared points right back to the Word. This really helped me take responsibility for my thoughts & actions. I also loved what she shared about the process of healing our marriages and the reminder that it is a process - it's not an overnight thing. Although that sounds obvious, and I all ready knew it, it gave me a whole new perspective. The Lord really used Jolene to restore my hope and bring me back to the foot of His cross regarding my marriage. Praise the Lord! "


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