Wives of the Bible eBook

Thought your marriage was going to be a fairy tale forever but the trials, heartache, and mundane have quenched the fire?

You're not alone.

There were women before you.

Godly women.

Women of Influence.

Discerning women.

And some, who were Worldly, Bitter, Liars...

And then there were others who were Transformed and Redeemed, but all of them were wives, and they were all, Wives of the Bible.

Come take a journey and learn from these relatable women who will teach us what to do and what not to do based on how they treated their husband, children, those around them, as well as how they handled their attitudes in the midst of difficult circumstances.

In this book you'll get a glimpse into the lives of the popular and infamous wives; ranging from Eve, to Sarah, to Esther, all the way to the obscure, Pontius Pilate's wife. Wives of the Bible will guide you in the following:

  • How to become a Godly wife.
  • How to overcome loss, fear, and disappointment in your marriage.
  • How to reignite your marital passion.
  • How to recapture your husband's heart.
  • How to influence your husband.
  • How to be a Godly wife in spite of your past or present circumstances.

When applied, these 25 easy and practical lessons can radically transform your marriage.


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