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Are You Tired of the Misunderstandings?  Feeling Unloved? Being at Odds with Your Guy?

If so, then you've come to the right place!

Christian Wife University is designed to help strengthen your love story and help you feel like a cherished wife!

We are an on-line Discipleship & Mentoring community for Christian Wives

Christian Wife University (CWU) seeks to equip and mentor wives in the topics of love, sex, communication, and the relationship skills needed to cultivate a fulfilling marriage.

Many times a wife walks alone with her marital concerns, but as Christians, it shouldn't be that way.

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. Ecclesiastes 4:9

You've said yes to the dress and yes to your man as you've already walked down the aisle and said your vows.  At the time, Happily Ever After seemed like such an easy pursuit but now you're finding out that marriage can be more difficult than you thought.

Some days marriage is blissful, and other days, well not so much! 

Navigating the marital waters can sometimes make a wife feel like she's drowning in life. 

But, God has provided marital guidance in His word to help you have the type of marriage He intended and the type of marriage your heart longs for.

My life's passion is to show you how to apply the Bible, God's Marriage Manual, to your marriage!

  • Are you a hurting or lonely wife?

  • Are you lacking Godly role-models?

  • Is your marriage filled with tension & strife

  • Dysfunctional?

  • Headed for divorce?

  • Platonic?

  • Or a marriage that is simply parked on the backburner because of the demands of life?

CWU is designed to strengthen, improve, & revive your love story!  

However, if you're not serious about having a sweet and satisfying relationship with your man, then this program is not for you.  But, if you want to start feeling loved by your husband, then join the community of Christian wives to get the biblical guidance needed to connect with your husband and the Lord. 

~Jolene Engle, Founder of CWU

What's Inside CWU?

Video, audio, and written messages on the following topics: 

  11 Tips to Keep the Spark Alive in the BedroomHow a Wife Can Connect to her Emotionally Disconnected Husband   Why I Don't Try to Be a Good Wife (and what I do instead) 10 Ways to Know If You're Emasculating Your Husband Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage with an Unbelieving HusbandA Marriage Manifesto for When You Are at Odds with Your Man 

  • Marital Struggles
  • Communication
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Building Emotional Intimacy
  • Being Unequally Yoked
  • Sexual Sin
  • and everything else related to marriage and wifehood!

What Other Wives are Saying:

"For many years, I studied the Bible and knew what God said about marriage, and how a wife should act toward her husband. What I was lacking were the tools to actually live those words out in my marriage. Not only do my husband and I get along better than we ever have before, all areas of my life have been lifted up as well. Thank you, Jolene from the bottom of my heart for being the vessel the Lord uses to help biblical wives be the women God intended for us to be."


 I was battling with a very strong desire to divorce my husband. Jolene's straight forward Biblical based approach provided me with the basic, but essential tools I needed to be a Godly wife. Using the Word of God Jolene taught me that I did not just have to survive my marriage. I had a choice and that was to stay and be miserable or to obey God and have a great marriage.The Lord has definitely used Jolene to minister to me and for that I am eternally grateful.

- Chantel

 All of my marital struggles have caused me to become overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness. The main thing I really appreciate is the fact that everything Jolene shared points right back to the Word. This really helped me take responsibility for my thoughts & actions. I also loved what she shared about the process of healing our marriages and the reminder that it is a process - it's not an overnight thing. Although that sounds obvious, and I all ready knew it, it gave me a whole new perspective. The Lord really used Jolene to restore my hope and bring me back to the foot of His cross regarding my marriage. Praise the Lord!


At CWU, you'll receive biblically-based messages which you can watch, listen, or read at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

  1. Q&A- Real questions from real wives packed with Biblical guidance and application
  2. Audio lessons
  3. Video lessons
  4. Written articles

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Dear Jolene,

I don't have any role models when it comes to being married. I just had no one to look up to, not even anyone to talk to, no married friends, just me. Anyway, bottom line for expressing all that is, you are changing my attitude about me & my marriage. From the shame I carry about my body and past sexual history, to being lovingly supportive all the way to being intentional about our marriage, amongst lots of other things. We don't have a bad marriage but, it's not great, Yet! I wanted you to know that you are a blessing to me & my household. I feel like a new bride and I'm so thrilled to apply everything you teach me to my marriage. I'm 35 & been with my guy for just about 10 yrs altogether. He's getting a whole new wife. I am seeing changes in him also (yaaay)! Between Jesus, you & me doing all this work, in a couple of months he's gonna be like who are you (with a smile of course)!"



Dear Jolene,

My new attitude this morning was God, I know you are going to take care of this, and He did by placing your words in my path. I have written down a game plan that includes a frank discussion with my husband about my fears, a lot of prayer and reflection on my part to let go of the feelings and block the thoughts. When you said that intimacy issues have to be approached by both the husband and wife that really spoke to me. Instead of expecting my husband to fix everything in our sex life I need to face the roadblocks I am causing myself and we need to team up and fight this.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for being so open and caring in your words. You spoke of things we can really be embarrassed about but I saw that when you speak about them with love and in a Godly manner, like you did, they aren't embarrassing. I am so encouraged and I have a lot of faith now that we can get through this. God bless you for the time you take to help so many women."


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The content in CWU is not designed for marriages that are dealing with adultery, abuse, or addictions.  Please seek outside biblical guidance for these issues.



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